Re: NYCS Lot 742-B

Benjamin Hom

Don Valentine wrote:
"OK Ben, I'll bite. The car you have kindly provided a photo of, NYC #80868 looks to be a 50 ft. SINGLE door car rather than a true auto car, or am I mistaken?"


"Does it have an end door on the 'A' end?"


"Probably not because if I read the lettering correctly it states that this is an "Auto Body Car". I presume this would be used for delivering automobile bodies only to assembly plants around the nation and not to ship completed automobiles and expect that would be the case for both lots of these cars."


"I'd hate to try to load new cars through those nominally 8 ft. doors!"

Not what these cars were for.  Keep in mind automobile boxcars also can mean automobile PARTS.  If you click on the link on the 742-B entry titled "SOME CARS ASSIGNED TO VARIOUS SPECIAL SERVICES AND RENUMBERED INTO VARIOUS SMALL GROUPS WITHIN NYC 76128-76210, NYC 80000-80499 AND NYC 83380-85318 ", you'll see some the assignments for Lot 742-B and other automobile pars cars.  Here's the direct link:

Ben Hom

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