Re: Any thoughts on what is loaded onto the flat car in the image below

Charles Peck

Barring slots is a good possibility but the really large engines often had small auxiliary engines to get them rolling.  Another totally different possibility is gears for lock gates on a river or gears for a bridge, both of which could use just a partial arc. 
Chuck Peck in FL 

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Half of a flywheel was my original thought, Bruce, but looking at it again I can see teeth on the outer ring, which would make this half of a large gear (presumably the other half is on the other side of the car...)
Bill Daniels
San Francisco, CA

Teeth, or barring slots? Big Corliss engines had the problem that being single cylinder, they could stop on dead center, so the engineer was provided with a BIG (like eight feet long) prybar to move the engine off dead center.

Dennis Storzek

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