Southern Car and Foundry Tank Car Prototypes


Tangent's latest release has motivated me to take a look at my tank car roster.  In paging through the archives, I wasn't able to pin down prototypes for many of SC&F's eight current offerings.  They are:

Kit #2000 Spencer Kellog 6 course radial 8000 gal
Kit #2001 GATX 1638 2 compartment
Kit #2002 UTLX 5 course radial 6050 gal
Kit #2002 NATX 6000 gal
Kit #2003 A.E. Staley, NATX, VENX 5 course radial 8000 gal
Kit #2005 GATX 6 course radial 8000 gal
Kit #2006 SHPX 55 3 compartment
Kit #2007 NATX converted 3 compartment 8000 gal

I believe that Ted Culotta covered the Spencer Kellog car (Kit #2000) in Essential Freight Cars, and Kits #2001 and #2006 seem to be one-offs.  Of the remaining kits (#2002, 2003, 2005, and 2007), do these models represent prototypes that would have comprised large portions of the UTLX, GATX, or NATX lease fleets during the 20's-40's period?

Thanks for any insight.

Dan Miller

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