Re: Macon Dublin & Savannah covered hopper

Tim O'Connor


With the addition of these 550 cars and 2 owners (plus later mergers,
repaints, transfers), hopefully INTERMOUNTAIN can be persuaded to do
this version of the CH-29, as well as the version they've already announced.
So far RDG, SAL, MD&S, CGW, KCS all had this style CH-29. Do you know of
any others?

Tim O'Connor


For those interested, the 50 MD&S covered hopper cars in question were
built by ACF as lot number 4948C with the builder photo of MD&S 6000
built 10-57.

They followed ACF's 2006 cu. ft. CH-29 design except with 36"-square
roof hatches & covers instead of round. The MD&S cars were piggy-backed
with 500 cars built to the same specs for Seaboard Air Line, 30000-30499,
in lot number 4948B. A builder photo of Seaboard 30058 has a 8-57 build date.
An in-service photo of SAL 30208 (Bob's Photo) has a 9-57 build date.

After the MD&S cars transferred full ownership to Seaboard they became
SAL 30500-30549. Specialties for the MD&S cars included Keystone
outlets, Champion-Peacock (National) hand brakes, Morton running boards
& brake steps, and 70-ton A-3 Ride Control trucks. When new the journal
box lids were painted yellow to designate Rolix Lubricators.

The Seaboard cars had a mix of outlets with Enterprise & Keystone 250
cars each (30058 and 30208 had Enterprise) and the same hand brakes,
running boards & brake steps, and trucks as the MD&S cars.
Regards, Ed Hawkins

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