Re: Macon Dublin & Savannah covered hopper

Ed Hawkins

Tim O'Connor timboconnor@... [STMFC] wrote:


With the addition of these 550 cars and 2 owners (plus later mergers,
repaints, transfers), hopefully INTERMOUNTAIN can be persuaded to do
this version of the CH-29, as well as the version they've already announced.
So far RDG, SAL, MD&S, CGW, KCS all had this style CH-29. Do you know of
any others?

Tim O'Connor
As is often the case, the answer is "it depends."

Like the discussion previously on the 3,500 cu. ft. CH-41 covered hoppers, ACF''s CH-29 cars had variations including a narrow and wide roof, the latter that extended over the side posts. The SAL/MD&S cars had the narrow-type roof. If the question is limited to cars with a narrow-type roof, to your list of road names add SHPX (several series ranging from 25941-26274, not inclusive), ATSF 8250-82899, DUPX 30001-30042, LNE 18201-18400, and CNJ 900-949. All of these cars were built from early 1956 to Dec. 1957. The LNE cars didn't stay there long and became UP 11900-12099 ca. 1959-1960.
Ed Hawkins

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