Re: NS 9347 hopper

Tim O'Connor

Gee, and here I thought the built date of 3-44 and the shop date of 6-59
would have been sufficient to make this all obvious. I was not aware of any
standard offset side cars built during the War Emergency, but if there were
then this could also be a rebuild of one of those.

Tim O'Connor

According to a 1970 NSRy roster, these cars were built in 1944. I haven't found out by who, or what years the Norfolk Southern leased them.

Hopefully, the build date may provide some clue as to the builder.

They are not listed on the NSRy roster in the Jan. 1959 ORER, so may not have been acquired until after the cut-off date of this list.

Scott Haycock


Maybe. Could just as easily have started as a regular offset-side car. NS 9200-9399 were secondhand leased cars (probably from USRE, and probably rebuilt by them).

David Thompson

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