Re: Microscale Chalk Marks

Tim O'Connor

I agree these are 'pictorial' graffiti, which was relatively rare. Also, bright white
is ok for a brand new chalk mark, but I prefer the light gray color used by Sunshine.

A good thing about Microscale is they usually do "spot" applications of overcoat so
you don't have to trim the pieces closely, and that speeds up the work.

I was interested in the Collosus of Roads but there are two identical examples on the
sheet. This guy was famous for signing each one with some clever quote or remark. There
are videos on Youtube covering the history of Bozo Texino, an interview with the guy who
did Collosus of Roads, and so on. The original Bozo Texino was an MP employee in San
Antonio who was actually profiled by the MP employee magazine. He was actively doing it
from the 1910's through the 1940's.

Tim O'Connor

While I am delighted to see Microscale has added chalk marks, my first impression is that too many of them lean toward chalk graffiti drawings, many of which are too large for anything but a box car and, IMHO, a little Bozo Texino goes a long way.  My favorite chalk marks are still the Clover House dry transfers, followed by the Sunshine and Speedwitch offerings.  I commonly use decals or dry transfers for fresh markings and the always useful Prismacolor pencil for older, faded chalk.

Michael Gross

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