Re: Microscale Chalk Marks

Clark Propst

I didn’t look that closely at the name Micro Scale has given the set. If it’s “Chalk marks” we assume that the scribblings would be that of trainmen. If Marked “Graffiti” then one assumes scribblings from outsiders. I can see a half dozen of my 100 car roster with one of two of the Micro Scale “Drawings”, But every car needs several “Railroad codes”  ;  ))
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa
Kinda defeats the whole idea of "graffiti"; doesn't it? To each their own, I guess.

Tim O'Connor

>There's a major manufacturer that's going to release a car with factory applied chalk markings very soon. Todd Horton
>It's been done already by the NKPHS Branchline kit.
>Clark Propst
>Mason City Iowa

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