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I have used paint marked or “pens” for doing fussy stripes. Generally I use the side of the tip as that seems to do a much better job.

The other choice is to use Bare Metal Foil which comes in variations of silver including chrome, which gives a real chrome-like finish. Ya sticks it on, burnish it and then use a very sharp #11 blade to trim along the edges. Then you can pull the excess off. It takes a very light amount of pressure to trim, just about the weight of the knife itself.

Model car guys use it a lot in all scales. It should be available in any good hobbyshop (if you can still find one) or some craft stores. If nothing else you can go to

There is link to a tutorial on the page just under the informational part and before the listing of the various types of foil.

I’ve used it myself and with a tad of practice it becomes rather easy. Time consuming yes but gives good results. And one package will probably be all you will ever need unless you go into super detailing 1/18 and larger automobiles.

John Hagen


Mon Dec 12, 2016 3:34 pm (PST) . Posted by:

"Denny Anspach" docdenny34

I am facing a daunting model painting challenge: Applying silver color/paint with precision on just the “knife-edge top surfaces” of a lot of long closely-parallel cast/embossed brass ridges .020” deep and about 0.015” across the top (flat, more or less). This is to represent what was decorative chrome stripping. Not unexpectedly, I have attempted silver decal striping (Microscale 1”) without success (I cannot keep the decal balanced on top of the ridge -and straight at the same time- long enough to even begin to set in good position. Trimming it accurately is also beyond the capabilities of my eyesight. Accurate masking is all but impossible because of clearance restraints. So, the thought occurs that I could roll paint across the top surfaces, but….do tiny paint rollers to do this even exist?

This is a little like cloisonné.

Ideas, thoughts from the cogniscenti?

Denny S. Anspach MD
Sacramento CA

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