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The cover of the October 31, 1955 Railway Age has a nice 3/4 view of NP91611 showing the brake end. I don’t have the issue but have a mediocre xerox; the brake wheel appears to be Ajax, the running board is too heavily shaded to make a call. Many libraries carry back issues of the magazine.

Roger Hinman

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I have on the workbench a  recently acquired Northern Pacific "3 door " Resin Parts refrigerator kit  by Stan Rydarowicz, series 91500 to 91999. The reefers were built in the NP Brainerd Shops in 1954. I have found good photos, "A" end only, one color ( Bob's Photos ) and one black and white, NP 91835, a Wade Stevenson photo on the NP Historical Assoc. website. I also found the equipment drawing for this series of reefers on the NPRHA site. Even with this data I still need help. The kit has a Morton running board and brake platform  which I can not verify are correct. And, as I have only been able to find photos of "A" end I do not know the brake wheel. Do you have any data on these reefers to help with my unknowns?  In advance I Thank You for your time and effort to respond to my request for help.

Happy Holidays, Lester Breuer 

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