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Schuyler Larrabee

Yes, Russ Simpson, and it was, after a long time OOS, recently reintroduced. Should be available. It’s sheared and yes, about 4” long, various thicknesses (maybe 3?) and twisted from the shear but that can be flattened out.


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Didn't someone offer etched brass strip wire (.010 thickness) in various widths,

several inches in length each? Seems to me that it would be easy to produce "flat wire"

of that sort in either brass or phosphor-bronze. One thing I didn't like about the DA wire

is that it was too thick for some applications, such as sill steps, or running board extension


Tim O'Connor

A modeler can make some good brass flat strips to the prefered dimensions by using shim brass. Auto parts sold these for decades in varying thicknesses and hardness. The thinner strips can be made with a dedicated paper cutter (might not work well on paper after several brass cuts).

You can eyeball the cuts, or make a simple gauge to measure the overhang. This works even better with Mylar, our patron saint of excessive detailing Jack Spencer's material of choice.

-Andy Carlson

Ojai CA

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