Re: Flat Wire

Scott H. Haycock

Russ Simpson used to sell packages of brass strip .006'' x 3 scale inches, .006'' x 2 scale inches, and .010'' x 3 scale inches. There was a rumor that it was back in production, But I just Googled his name and there was a listing that Trainorders had reported his passing.   

If you're looking for short pieces for sill steps, etc., I have a method I came up with a while back for cutting short strips from sheet stock. I could post it in the group files section if there is any interest.

Scott Haycock 


Didn't someone offer etched brass strip wire (.010 thickness) in various widths,

several inches in length each? Seems to me that it would be easy to produce "flat wire"

of that sort in either brass or phosphor-bronze. One thing I didn't like about the DA wire

is that it was too thick for some applications, such as sill steps, or running board extension


Tim O'Connor

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