Re: Helium Cars

Richard Hendrickson

Bill Daniels writes:

With a light weight of 240400 lbs (120.2 tons) and a nominal
capacity of 100 tons, it would need those clasp brakes! All
the ones I ever saw had the clasp brakes. And they always
ran in pairs...I understand that they were set up that way
and the couplers between the cars were locked.
Apparently, it was common practice in later years to operate them in pairs.
But on the basis of personal sightings, as well as photos I have or have
seen, I can say with assurance that they were often run individually. For
sure, a string of these things (and the Santa Fe did bring them west out of
Amarillo several cars at a time) would have required an engineeer with a
deft hand on the brake valve.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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