Re: Fabulous shot of B end of USRA gon

Jim Betz


Great stuff - I've never seen that particular style of cut lever before.
That pic collection has some fantastic stuff (as in 'you just cost me
over an hour and I only scratched the surface).


Lukens Steel still exists in Coatesville, Pa. (although not under that name
any more). If you go to Coatesville using Google Earth you will see an
amazing industry with "track running everywhere". Just doing the rail
operations of an industry of this scope would be a lofty goal.
And since they've been in business since the mid-1800's you can
use a STMFC era ... and the pic collection Elden gave us links to has
a LOT of coverage of the town during the 1955 flood. Should be
possible to "get it right" (to capture the feel of Coatesville in the
STMFC era).
- Jim B.

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