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Charles Tapper

I work in HO and my focus is on correcting the flaws and omissions or changing details on the P2K cars to match specific prototypes. So I get away with using what resources I have and realizing the underframes are always a bit of a compromise. And, FWIW, a 100% correctly-scaled steel floor  insert won't fit in a P2K car because the sides of the model are thicker. Should I fill and sand the "boards" on the bottom of the casting for steel-floored P&LE cars? Yes, but...

Perhaps some other historical societies for the other users, other than NYC, will have drawings for component parts. I am unaware of a preserved car. Best of luck.

Charlie Tapper

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As I try to craft cars in 3d modeling software I’ve come to see that a single G.A. drawing is insufficient in many ways. Using the NYC drawing sets as an example, I need their G.A. drawing, but also drawings for the underframe, bolster, crossbearer details, crosstie details, centersill and side sills, end construction, side posts, and brake system for a gondola. The same plus side construction, roof, and door drawings for a house car. That leaves off all sorts of castings, ladders, and a variety of construction details that may or may not matter in the end. The NYC will put several items on one page. The N&W doesn’t.

Of course one could fake it… generic underframe, crosstie, crossbearer, and bolster. Do the ladders and castings as a guestimate from a photo, but even so you’ll still come up missing information if all you have is the G.A.

Of course, if all you need is a 5-8ft view-distance model then ignorance helps hold off the guilt of not doing it as-it-was and so as far as necessary info goes, YMMV.

Dave Nelson

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On Elwood's Fallen Flags site go to the P&LE entry, and go into "freight cars". Scroll towards the bottom. He has a general arrangement drawing (steel floor version) and a lettering diagram for these cars. Not to take away from the source mentioned below.

Charlie Tapper

OKC/ Broken Arrow

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The NYC Historical Society sells a set of cd’s of mechanical drawings for gondolas. The Greenville design is well covered – with one exception – the crosstie for wood floor cars is missing. It is distinctly different from what was used on steel cars as they had to make room for 4 inch Z bars to support the wood floor.

There are a lot of drawings on these cd’s but not a lot of cars are completely represented. For instance, loads of details about the 1822 CUFT gons, such as found in Lot 526-G but the critical drawings – centersill, underframe, side and floor details, are, essentially, blank. OTOH the set for the 52ft War Emergency gon appears to be complete and the 40ft WWII emergency gon appears to be complete enough that, w/ some photo help, should get one to a complete car.

Lots of G.A. drawings, so I guess it becomes a personal judgement as to how much is enough. I do my work in 3d modeling software so I want a lot... could probably make do w/ less. I guess if a 5-8ft view is good enough then more STMFC designs are complete. YMMV.

Dave Nelson

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Does anyone know where one could find Greenville factory drawings for this gon or any other Greenville produced car. I'm trying to find where the factory drawing now call home. Supposedly they are still in western PA.



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