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the H21 had 2508 cubic feet capacity with the old style hoppers.  In one of the photos of the top view notice the next car it has partial bulb angles on it  this was an early problem with putting 70-tons in a car designed for 50-ton of coke there are several photos of these cars on that site
Don Ford Cameron MO

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I could be a H21 variant. Here's a shot of the same car. I think the caption
for the image you posted was wrong as the car number is noted on the bottom
of the photo.[id]=

The October 1926 ORER lists 2200 70-ton hoppers in the BMIX fleet for
Bethlehem Mines. 1150 cars in the 5000-6149 series have a 2460 cubic
capacity. 1050 cars in the 6150-7199 series have a 2508 cubic capacity.

They had 1646 cars of 50-ton capacity (8000-9699) to round out their hopper

Eric Hansmann
El Paso, TX

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What do you know about this car?[id]=

It looks like a H21A, but also not. I don't see BMIX in my ORER.

Elden Gatwood

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