50' Mather stock car.

Andy Carlson

Stan must have sold a modest amount of the 50' Mather stock cars. He approached me for some kits, as at that time I had a lot of those cheap P2K kits from dealer close-outs. He later came back for more. I would hazard a guess that he could easily have made up about 25 of those kit-bash kits.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

From: "Jim Hayes jimhayes97225@... [STMFC]"

Browsing thru my unfinished stock, I opened a P2K Mather stock car kit which contained a Mather kit which I had sliced and spliced into a 50' car. Also in the box were a set of resin doors for it. It didn't take me long to find that Stan Rydarowicz sold a kit for this car back around 2010-11. Did anyone buy one of these? Were there any instructions? What was in his 'kit'? Did he just do the slicing and cast a new roof, or??? Did he include or direct you to a source for decals?
I found a photo of a model of Stan's on display at Naperville or Cocoa Beach in NYC's NISX markings but so far I haven't found any prototype pictures or info.

And that brought up another question. Whatever happened to Stan's decals? Was he sourcing them with someone else?


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