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Jim and all in context:

Jim Hayes writes:

"Browsing thru my unfinished stock, I opened a P2K Mather stock car kit
which contained a Mather kit which I had sliced and spliced into a 50' car.
Also in the box were a set of resin doors for it. It didn't take me long to
find that Stan Rydarowicz sold a kit for this car back around 2010-11."

He did and I believe it was debut at Cocoa Beach and I believe it was a
modest success he did I believe at least two runs. But because of its
relative late appearance it is not a favorite of this list.

"Did anyone buy one of these? Were there any instructions? What was in
his 'kit'? Did he just do the slicing and cast a new roof, or??? Did he
include or direct you to a source for decals?"

My brother bought one of the kits and was a bit disappointed with the kit
and said it was not one of Stan's better cars. I will check to see if he
has instructions or if there even were instruction with the kit. Sometimes
that was an issue with Stan's conversions.

"I found a photo of a model of Stan's on display at Naperville or Cocoa
Beach in NYC's NISX markings but so far I haven't found any prototype
pictures or info.".

I have some good shots of the cars in NKP paint that I received from John
Greedy and it is a good alternative to the CBQ and NYC cars. They are
marked NKP. I don't believe Stan made decals for these cars but the NISX cars he

And that brought up another question. Whatever happened to Stan's decals?
Was he sourcing them with someone else?


Stan use several sources for decals, Mark Vaughn, Jim Singer and Gerry
Glow, I would have to check with Mark Kerlick to see if he has the decals
from Stan's collection, I know he is in control of the masters and molds at
this point and is looking for a buyer to settle this portion of the estate.
He told me that there are NO INSTRUCTIONS for any of the kits that he could
ever find in the house.

I have a couple of Athearn Blue Box 40-foot boxcar of Stan's that I have
been asked to finish, and I will. He didn't put a lot of extra detail into
them but I will take it to a better level because I know he would want it
that way.

I was just thinking that there are three good friends of mine we have lost
in the past seventeen years at the Bash at the Beach and here are photos
of two of the three, I don't have one that I can put my fingers on of Larry

Richard Hendrickson and I

Stan Rydarowicz

I think of them often and miss them tremendously. The rest of you stay
healthy and I mean it! And I will talk about SHAKE N TAKE in another mail this
coming week.

Greg Martin

Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean

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