Re: Keystone Company Horse cars

Douglas Harding

Sjones, no I do not know when the Keystone Co ceased, but I suspect if folded in the Arms Palace Co. The founder of the Keystone company, Robert henry, died in 1920. The Arms company was sued in 1914, so I know it was still around at that time.


As to prized breeding bulls, here are photos and history of the Colonial Hereford Farm car used for transporting a prized bull. Photo taken 1-15-1977


Colonial Hereford Farm was located near Midville GA, owned by an engineer who designed/worked on dams. His stock was took awards at livestock shows in the 50s.


the captions indicate the car is:

Former Southern Rwy Dining Car converted into a Cattle Car. This car was featured in Trains Magazine some time before when I (photoprapher) found it. It was parked on a siding off the Georgia and Florida Rwy from Midville to Augusta mainline, which can be found in the foreground. The car was set up with automatic feeding and watering system and had a room someone to ride with the Cattle. Month and year correct.


The car was used specifically for ONE prized bull. Used a couple of times to take it to shows then the car was parked and no longer used. Car was originally Pullman PYNTON, a Plan 2410 12 Section - 1 Drawing Room, to PULL TC 1618, to SOU 3100 coach - dinette.



Doug Harding


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