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Ian Cranstone

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In recent months there have been several mentions on this list of the tank car tariff, showing all tank cars in service by car number, and giving the exact gallonage of each. The 1936 and 1955 issues of the tariff have been digitized by Ian Cranstone of this list, and made available at, though they may not be easy to find on that site. I have written a blog post about the reprint, not only giving an exact link to the pages at where they may be purchases, but showing some examples of how the document can be useful. If you're interested, the post is at this link:

Thank you Tony for a wonderful plug for my efforts.  I had originally scanned these mostly for my own use, as the original volumes were starting to fall apart, but also in hopes that it will help others better document the tank car fleets -- or simply to improve their modelling.

I will add another invaluable use for these volumes... I've been able to track various renumberings in the Canadian tank car fleet by comparing the shell and dome capacities from the various issues of the Tank Car Capacities tariff (for example, the Imperial Oil/Transit Company Ltd. cars were regularly renumbered in the 1920s/1930s, and finally relettered UTLX during the 1950s).  In many cases the combinations of these figures formed the signature of an individual car, or a combination shared by only a handful of cars.  In Tony's blog example, the same could be done with the CDLX cars as they were renumbered into the GATX fleet.

The 1936 and 1955 volumes will eventually be joined by a 1970 volume, but the scanning of this third volume is still in process.  I will certainly spread the word when it is finally completed.

Other known issues of the TCC include:

P.S.C. 503-1 published by 1911 (date reference only)
Circular No. 6-O, issued July 30, 1919 (digitized by Google Books)
Freight Tariff No. 300-A, issued May 26, 1936
Freight Tariff No. 300-E, published by 1948 (date reference only)
Freight Tariff No. 300-H, issued September 13, 1955
Freight Tariff No. 300-I, issued August 1960 (held at the Archives of Ontario)
Freight Tariff No. 300-J, issued June 3, 1966 (date reference only)
Freight Tariff No. 300-K, issued October 15, 1970
Freight Tariff No. 300-N, published by 1978 (date reference only)

And I thank all of you who have purchased copies...

Ian Cranstone

Osgoode, Ontario, Canada


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