Re: 70 ton National B-1 trucks

Schuyler Larrabee

Interesting that the size of the journal isn’t the sole difference between the two versions. Thanks Ben.


Brian Carlson asked:

"I’m looking for a 70 ton version of National B-1 trucks. I have the Proto 2000 and Athearn 50 ton versions I can use if needed assuming the journal size was different. Hopefully the wheelbase wasn’t too different. I purchased one of the newest run of Bowser PRR H30’s with the separate roofwalk. The number on my car matches one of the 1946 cars that came with 70 ton National B-1 trucks. Does anyone may a 70 ton National B-1 in HO?"

PRR National truck diagrams linked for comparison. The wheelbase is the same, but note that the sideframes are slightly different.

50-ton (2D-F20, 2D-F27) <;sel=ftk&sz=sm&fr=> &sel=ftk&sz=sm&fr=

70-ton (2E-F11, 2E-F14) <;sel=ftk&sz=sm&fr=> &sel=ftk&sz=sm&fr=

Eastern Car Works made a 70-ton National B-1 truck in HO scale, though it left a lot to be desired.

Ben Hom

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