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charles slater

Steve, I can tell you there is an HO model of the Bx-76 class cars (same as the Bx-77) in the works from a small model company back east, and they are using an Atlas model that is very close to the two classes of cars except for the lower side sill and a couple of other small things. I think, not sure, they are using the 50 foot single door "Master Line" car. That would be a very good starting point for the one Bx-77 class car built at Topeka in 1958.

Charlie Slater

Bakersfield, Ca.

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I have been planning to build a ATSF BX-77 boxcar with the large "DF...With..Shock Control" markings for a while now and have gathered together what I thought were the necessary items.   As I started the project today I realized that the car I had planned to use, a Branchline Single Door boxcar, was really not correct as the side panels are not all the same width.   

Is there a kit that can be used for this prototype, without rebuilding the sides?   I know I will have to add the gussets on either side of the door, but I really don't want to sand the sides smooth and redo the panels.   

Any suggestions?

Steve Kay

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