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Brian Carlson

I was hoping SGL would post first but here goes. First these are not EL photos. They are in Steamtown's collection and posted to the EL mailing list daily (usually) by Pat McKnight of the NPS. They are posted to the EL mailing list since the are generally on the Erie/DL&W east of Binghamton NY. Pat posts them for interest and in many cases to determine additional information about the photos. 

The easiest way to see them are his daily posts. The list can be found at. 

   The Erie Lackawanna Mailing List

The archive is here

And the photo archive is here

Brian J. Carlson

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I have not fond a way to search their site. Here’s the page where I usually start trolling around.


Maybe some ELRHS members can offer more assistance.


Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX




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How does one get to the Erie historical photos to search for a particular location?

I want to see if there are any Erie photos in Chicago vicinity of the St. Charles Air Line.


Charlie Vlk

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