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Schuyler Larrabee

Thank you, Ken, I appreciate knowing that people notice.

The stuff in the PRR boxcar shot are “shooks.” Shooks were discussed on this list some time ago, and I’m frankly surprised that it was the first word that came to my mind.

Now, about the images. For a very long time, Pat McKnight has been posting exclusively (AFAIK) DL&W images from the DL&W collection of corporate images to the erielack list. He’s looking for help with ID of locations and what the images are showing, and the erielack list provides him with the best likelihood that someone will be able to identify them.

Not wanting to disseminate incorrect information, and with the DL&W photos that’s all too easy, I will say that there were a couple of DL&W corporate photographers. WB Bunnell, was one, and his images have his initials on them: WBB. There was a second photographer who had a similar name, and I can’t recall the way there is to tell the two apart.

But the ERIE images, while they did come to Steamtown from Syracuse University’s archives, are a separate collection by another photographer. I believe that Pat has only recently begun posting ERIE images – or at least I only recently noticed it. I am kind of random about which images I open. I look at the thumbnails and see if there’s something with Freight Car interest, or now, ERIE relevance (ERIE is more my “thing” than DL&W, though both are fascinating roads with different styles. ERIE was a bit of a hard luck working class road, while DL&W was more of a first class money making railroad, hence the money to build the cutoffs in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including several enormous concrete viaducts, and even to contemplate building their own tunnel under the Hudson to a terminal on Manhattan!) Many of the ERIE images appear to be second or third shots of stations; the first shots (the best shots, maybe) were published in a series of books (soft cover, 8½ x 11, horizontal format) published by The Railroadians, a now-defunct railfan organization in New Jersey. The series was called “The Next Station will be . . .” and covered essentially every station on the ERIE, its branches and associated railroads.

I hope this is of interest.


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Most of these photos are from DL&W glass plates formerly stored at Syracuse University. The University donated them to Steamtown. Pat McKnight, the curator, posts a number each day to verify the info they have for the slides. Lately, Pat has posted some Erie main line station photos, but for the most part, these photos we see are shots from the 1920s, shot by Lackawanna company photographers. Trying to pinpoint locations one hundred years or so after the fact gets sporty. SGL does good work, rooting out the many freight cars photos that show up in these old glass plate negatives. So please enjoy the photos.

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