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Dave Nelson

Ahh. what a shame he didn't get to it.

WRT my question about CSRM, thanks for the info. I'll try and make time to
look next time I'm in Sacxramento.

Dave Nelson

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Dave Nelson wrote:

A follow up from Jon Miller prompts this post: Jon gently kidded Richard
that it was about time he write that tank car book he had been considering
for so long. My question tonight is did Richard actually start, finish, or
see published that book?

I urged Richard many times to just make a start on that book, and of
course I stood ready to publish it. Unfortunately, he never really found the
energy to take on what would have been a big task. His pride in "doing it
right" would have required mammoth research. I retrieved from his computer a
file called "Tank Car Book," but it only contained some miscellaneous photos
and brief texts, probably just a pigeonhole for "stuff" that came along. He
could have written a wonderful book even with just what he could recall from
his own memory, but it just didn't happen

And speaking of Richard (may he rest in peace), anyone know what the state
of affairs are at the CSRM WRT his bequeathed collection?

The collection has been gone over carefully, removed from Richard's
photo album "magnetic" sticky pages, and placed in archival folders, and his
organization scheme, by car types and then alphabetically by owner, has been
preserved. As far as I know it is accessible, though I have not personally
used it since it has been at CSRM. (Over the years I did scan a lot of his
stuff I was personally interested in, so have a file of my own). If anyone
does use, or attempt to use, the collection at CSRM, please keep this list
posted on results.

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