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Bruce Smith

Steve, Folks,

Having been able to pull out the photo and look, I can say that even without the photo, Steve nailed it ;)  And I must say that I fee MUCH more confident in my UTL minutia due to an absolutely awesome clinic that Steve gave on this very subject at Cocoa.  I can't wait to dig out my UTLX cars and get to work!


Bruce Smith

Auburn, Al (Just got back 2 hours ago!)

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Without having the picture in front of me, I believe that Dave in correct.  When the X-3's were converted to AB brakes, the air reservoir and AB valve are supported by a pair of heavy stampings that are riveted to the center sill and also help support the running board.  There is a good photo showing this installation in the prototype data document on the RCW webpage at

Let me know if there is something else needed in this area.

Please note that Frank left out the small triangular gusset on the outside of each tank saddle casting and didn't mention how to address this issue in the instructions. I cut small right triangles from a piece of Evergreen HO 1x4 styrene and glued it, on edge, against the tank saddle casting.

Hope this helps.  From sunny but cool Florida in the wake of a fine Prototype Rails meet.

Steve Hile

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