Clear Resin Castings

Paul Hillman

I'm assembling some Walthers Santa Fe 1300 class cabooses (way cars) and find the clear, cupola side-window castings to be rather poor. The back part of the casting stops in the middle of the 2 windows and leaves a vertical "post" looking thing instead of being just a clear looking window.

I could correct this by making a new mold & casting of the clear part using the original as a pattern & adding some styrene strips over the offending areas.

I have some "Easy Cast" - "Clear Casting Epoxy" that I bought awhile back, but upon reading the instructions it turns out that the complete curing time is 72 hours (3 days).

Anyone know of a clear casting material for this purpose that cures faster than 72 hours?

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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