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Paul Hillman

Chuck, I thought of doing something like that but I'd rather have full windows.

I think the Santa Fe was actually considered a "short-line" the first day their construction started, but it didn't end up that way after time. Don't actually know if it ever had any narrow-gauge. Interesting question.

Paul Hillman

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    Without actually seeing the piece, I suggest that you paint "the post" the caboose color and trim it to look as though it's open.

    By the way, is this Santa Fe some sort of short line or a narrow gauge?

Chuck Hladik
Rutland Railroad
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I'm assembling some Walthers Santa Fe 1300 class cabooses (way cars) and find the clear, cupola side-window castings to be rather poor. The back part of the casting stops in the middle of the 2 windows and leaves a vertical "post" looking thing instead of being just a clear looking window.
I could correct this by making a new mold & casting of the clear part using the original as a pattern & adding some styrene strips over the offending areas.
I have some "Easy Cast" - "Clear Casting Epoxy" that I bought awhile back, but upon reading the instructions it turns out that the complete curing time is 72 hours (3 days).
Anyone know of a clear casting material for this purpose that cures faster than 72 hours?

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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