Re: Clear Resin Castings

Tim O'Connor

I agree, not "optical quality" - However, I wonder if I had a fine window
mesh (perhaps N scale?) if it would make a nice "glass brick" window - not
clear, but definitely translucent. I may try it...

Tim O'Connor

I've tried that before & still have some, but the windows have come out "wavy" & not flat & perfectly clear like "acetate" does/is. Unless I didn't do it properly enough. Guess I might not haveĀ  "mastered that step" yet.

Paul Hillman


Micro scale has a product called Kristal Klerk which call be used to create clear windows and it dries clear in an hour or so. The first time that you try it, it can be frustrating but practice first. Basically, you dip a toothpick it the jar, transfer the material to all inside edges of the window, and then get some more on the toothpick and "pull" the material across the window to completely fill it. Once you successfully master that step, it works like a charm.

Jack Burgess

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