Re: B&O N-34 Wagon Top Covered Hopper

Donald B. Valentine

Hi Mark,

   Have not seen you in awhile but have seen Bill Karl of Spring Mills Depot. Expect you will find him at the Amherst Railway Society Show on the 28th & 29th of this month. I have known Bill since 2011 when I joined the Four Counties Group and attended when I could when in VA. Bill is a straight shooter so if you are
not receiving a response as quickly as you'd like there is more than likely a good reason for it. Spring Mills is still, to the best of my knowledge, a part time venture of Bill and his partner with both holding full time jobs.
Shipment may have been delayed as well and he may be as unhappy with that fact as you are with the lack of response. I'd recommend that everyone just be a bit more patient.

My best, Don Valentine

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