Richard F. Dermody and the Amherst Railways Society Show in West Springfield, Mass.

Don Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

As most of you know from my earlier post, Richard F. Dermody, a longtime member of this list, passed away on 15 Aug.
Like many of us who have been in this hobby for many years he left a ton of kits, most of them unassembled. Dick was
the oldest of four brothers and his next youngest brother, Chris, and I will be at the Amherst Railway Society Show in
West Springfield, Mass. on 28 & 29 January with as much of it as we can handle. I have reserved an extra table this year
for New England Rail Service and will probably use only one for NERS so that two can be used for the material from Dick's estate. There are many cars kits from Sunshine, IMWX, Red Caboose and others along with ready-to-run models from
InterMountain, Atlas, Tangent and others. Many are obviously out-of-production currently. I believe most folks will find them reasonably priced though not "bargain basement" as we continue to try to get the best value we can out of these items
for Dick's widow and have been pleased the way things have gone to date. There are also a few brass locomotives, mostly 
Rutland and Central Vermont but some others we cannot explain why Dick had. How about four or five PFM Santa Fe 
2-8-0's. He may have picked them up years ago for possible conversion to Central Vermont 2-8-0's. Otherwise I have no
clue as to their presence. Hope to see many of you there as that is the only way you will find what is available, all of which
is of the STMFC era.

 Cordially, Don Valentine

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