C&WC Rebuild

Bill Welch

Here is a link to three photos of my C&WC model build from Chad Boas' casting with IMWX/Red Caboose roof, Accurail floor/U/F and Tahoe Andrews trucks: C&WC Rebuild Resin Parts by Chad Boas

Here are the embellishments I added:

—I had to shim the bottom of each end with 0.060 strip. Sorry to say the witness line is pretty easy to see. After I had assembled the body, I realized I should have put the shim material at the top as photos show there is more flat sheet metal the top than represented by the castings.

—a plain flat piece of brass to represent the brake step.

—I scratch build the lower door track and added Athearn rivets at the appropriate spots. Note the way the track is bent or curved at each end.

—Bits and length of styrene along the top door track.

—Brass wire for the various handles on the door.

—Kadee Miner brake wheel and Precision Scale's sweet little Retainer Valve on the "B" end.

—The roof was a little too long so after carefully filing and sanding it I finished it with Archer Rivet decals.

—scratch built running board.

Primmer is Badgers "Stynylrez" Acrylic Polyurethane Grey.

Bill Welch

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