Re: Seeking info on cil o/b boxcars

Ray Breyer

Built by Haskell & Barker between 12/1912 and 3/1913, lot 544. They're "semi-Fowlers", but with a then-conventional deep fishbelly underframe (guess the Monon's chief mechanical engineer didn't trust the 45,000 or so Fowler/Dominion cars then running around North America).

These short, single sheathed boxcars still accounted for half of the road's boxcar fleet in 1945, but were all gone from revenue service by 1950. In MOW service a few lasted into the 1960s.
Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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I am seeking build info and data on the cil monon boxcars. 2000-3600
Brad Andonian 

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