Re: Monon #37 w/Archer Surface Details Update

Bill Welch


I looked at my Archer panel line decals this morning and I don't think event the widest ones have enough profile, plus there are only three lines so you would need 2-3 sets.

Instead I suggest using 0.010 styrene rod. Once it is down and given a chance to cure here are two ways to make it look like a stamping

—flow thin CA along each side to "fill" each side. You may decide doing this twice will be necessary. When cured fold some #600 sandpaper and run the fold along each edge. I have used this method and the effect is very convincing I think.

—similarly run Testors liquid cement down each side. This will require a substrate of maybe .60 styrene to prevent distortion. Maybe alternate by running the Testors along the top of the rod. This will gradually melt the rod to give it a stamped look.

Bill Welch

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