Re: Monon #37 w/Archer Surface Details Update

Dennis Storzek

I always found the way to turn round styrene rod into a simulated weld bead or whatever was to cement it into a scribed line. Done correctly, it has these advantages:

1. Since the scribing was done along a straightedge, the bead will be straight.
2. If the scribe is the proper depth, it will bury half the diameter of the rod, which is what you want.

The trick is getting the scribing right. Pulling a knife blade along will turn up a burr on each side of the line, which will make the rod stand higher; which may be what you need. Using a V shaped tool to excavate the material in the groove (pulling a small curl out of the sheet as you go) then lightly sanding the sheet to remove any burrs will allow the rod to sit lower. It's best to make some practice pieces to get the technique down before doing the final part.

If these are ribs that go all the way across the roof, you could also build the roof surface as a lamination over a properly shaped substrate, using .010 x .020 styrene strips on edge for the ribs, surrounded by  strips of .015" thick styrene sheet. This would yield 1" wide rectangular ribs standing 1/2" high in HO scale.

Dennis Storzek

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