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From my notes on previous discussions (IIRC contributed by the late Richard Hendrickson):


SAN--San Bernardino

CLE--Cleburne, Texas

From the Champ decal set:

AM, AQ, CY, FM, KC, LJ, SB, TS and WC. Some are obvious, other are unknown to me, but I'm certain others will comment at length on them.

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Hi to all

First off I have posted this to a number of groups so I apologise if you get it more than once.   I am able to access a Decal maker here in Australia who is able to print white decals.   I am interested to put reweigh dates on my boxcars and am wondering what the codes would have been.   For instance I know that San Bernardino shops used SB so a reweigh date would have looked like SB 9-47.   But I don't know what the other shops were I suspect that Kansas City would have been KS and maybe Corwith would be CW, the only other one I know about may have been La Junta with LJ but I don't have a clue as to the rest.   

I am only talking about Santa Fe cars here and in the period before 1948.   As to others such as Wabash, NYC, NKP, Pennsylvania  and others I will have to find that later.   Also for information I am modelling in HO.


Rob McLear


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