Resin kits for sale...

Jack Burgess

Resin kits for sale…


Like some others, I have a pile of resins kits stashed away. But rather than deciding that I don’t have time to build them all, I have realized that I should not have purchased some of them in the first place. Most of the kits in this group are freight cars from eastern roads that would most likely never be seen on the Yosemite Valley Railroad as well as foreign stock cars and automobile cars. Not sure what I was thinking back then.


So, I have 15 resin kits for sale from Speedwitch, Sunshine, Westerfield, Funaro & Camerlengo, and Des Plaines Valley Car and Foundry. A few of the Westerfield cars are still available but the rest of no longer available.


To download the list, go to


and click on Resin Kits for Sale at the bottom of the list.


Jack Burgess


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