Re: D&H open tops

Benjamin Hom

Bill Dale wrote:

"In my collection of photos, the D&H had purchased a lot of composite, not Seley, 3-bay hoppers, series 4401-4611. First, no. 4549 appears as built 9-36 no circular herald, and is all black. Although a B&W image the contrast between the coupler and the car body is significant. Second, no. 4541 with last shop date of 1-48, is in a "Anthracite" herald and is also black going along with what has been mentioned earlier. The photo is color and the car has some hard years on it. For anyone interested there were still 209 of these in January of '53."

Sorry, Bill, 209 cars is not "a lot", even where the D&H is concerned. It pales next to the 3500+ Seley cars (51%) and the ~1400 30 ft 11 in fishbelly twins (20%) on the roster in the July 1950 ORER, making up a whopping 3% of the D&H hopper fleet.

Ben Hom

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