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Posted by: williamdale75
Date: Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:14 pm ((PST))


I wanted to add to this topic in regards to paint and decals available. In my collection of photos, the D&H had purchased a lot of composite, not Seley, 3-bay hoppers, series 4401-4611. First, no. 4549 appears as built 9-36 no circular herald, and is all black. Although a B&W image the contrast between the coupler and the car body is significant. Second, no. 4541 with last shop date of 1-48, is in a "Anthracite" herald and is also black going along with what has been mentioned earlier. The photo is color and the car has some hard years on it. For anyone interested there were still 209 of these in January of '53. Now for decals, in HO, are as mentioned earlier the Tichy offerings, Westerfield D3309 for the USRA single sheath box cars, C-D-S 591 was for the USRA 2-bay hoppers converted to covered hoppers in the red scheme, nos. 3201-3220. All were in service as of January '53 in grey though. I don't know when they were changed like the USRA single sheath box cars also in cement service, and F&C has the early gondola sets. Lastly, years back the O&W car shop imported brass Seley hoppers cars and had a very nice decal set to finish them off. I have two sets packed away, but they are still listed as set #1004 on the Old and Weary Car Shop website.
The O&WCS web site is almost invariably very out of date; I bought his last pair of Genesis F3s several years ago but they're still listed on the web site. Best to call and see what Al has on the shelf. As an O&W modeler I have some of those Seley cars on the shelf along with some of the little brass O&W drop bottom coal gons and his lovely O&W cabooses.

I have a thing for the D&H's big Consolidations...but the O&W's rag tag fleet of second hand hoppers bought in various LOTS just makes it entertaining to model. That, along with the high percentage of bridge traffic on the lower part of the route makes it easy to scratch the freight car itch. After all, when the road never owned a 40' steel or wood box car...scratch away :)

Craig Zeni
Cary NC

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