Re: My Airbrush Cleaning Routine

Douglas Harding

I’m with Clark, I paint acrylics and prefer to set up my spray booth next to a sink. I keep a bottle of window cleaner handy. After painting I run hot water through the airbrush, then some window cleaner, then flush with more hot water. Since I started this routine I have not encountered a clogged airbrush.


I saw in a recent video that Ken Patterson mounted his spray booth fan motor outside the building, eliminating the noise inside. That idea intrigues me. As I have to go through a window in my new home (brick house I do not own) I may consider that idea. For now as I use acrylic, the outside exhaust is not a requirement, just the spraybooth with a  good filter. I use the pleated filters from the furnace.


Doug Harding


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