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Dave Pfeiffer

Never!  I have a Paasche VL I have been using for years.  Everything I paint except for wheels and small details gets sprayed.  I built a “spay booth” with exhaust fan into a former window opening in my basement shop area.


Dave Pfeiffer




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How many guys here use spray cans to paint their HO Scale equipment? In today's world why wouldn't you have acquired even the most economic airbrush?  


Show of hands...


Greg Martin  


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At yesterday's Great Train Show I talked with Joel Bragdon, the weathering powder entrepreneur, about base and finish coatings for use with chalks and powders.


He mentioned that Rust-Oleum announced a new coating last March called "Dead Flat Clear" and that he likes the product. Here is a photo link:


I did a little searching and found that Home Depot and Lowe's both carry it.


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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