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I have probably tried all these methods and types of paints over the years. Remember Ulrich 410M paint? Dullcote seems to be very humidity sensitive, the higher the humidity, the more likely to get white or milky. I have even used Testor's cheap plastic airbrushes, either with a propellant can or my compressor. Clean them a couple times, toss them if they get too crappy. I do have a good compressor and booth, and a good, really old Miller brush, and a Passche. For clean-up, appropriate thinner for whatever type of paint I used. The secret with spray cans is, make sure they're shaken well, and warm. Also, I save the nozzles when the can is empty, clean it good, and then, if I have a can that doesn't have a good clean nozzle, chuck it and change it. I do tend to use spray cans when I can, set-up and clean-up time quicker. But, now that I am building better (read more $$) kits, It's worth my time to finish it well.

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Got a can of Dead Flat Clear today at Home Depot and sprayed an Owl Mountain Models lumber load. Came out better than using Dullcoat, which has been my flat finish for a number of years. Given this success, I'll try it on other items.

Fran Giacoma

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