Re: Rust-Oleum Dead Flat Clear Finish

Bruce Smith


Results, not prejudice, indicate that rattle cans can produce superlative outcomes.  I have by no means ditched the airbrush, but the rattle can is another tool in a wide armamentarium of tools to get the job done.  As I noted, I use them on all of my brass PRR models for a base black (under DGLE) as well as the final coat on all black areas (passenger car roofs, underbodies, trucks, locomotive and tender frames and running gear).  In my hands, the Model Master brand spray bombs are an efficient, cost effective, time saving, high quality approach to getting the job done… and unlike specific model paints, I can buy them at my local USA Hobbies or Hobby Lobby.

Next up is a Tichy ACL 76000 series flat car that will get the spray bomb treatment after grit blasting.



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Are those using rattle cans to paint their fine models the same ones that spend big bucks on the tools needed to build them? If so - Weird!
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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