Re: Rust-Oleum Dead Flat Clear Finish

John Sykes III

Yuz gize stole one of my top secrets!!!

About a month before the CCB Meet, I gave a presentation at my club on "Non-traditional Paints".

My favorite brand is Krylon (I like the trigger action on the Krylon paints better than RustOleum -- I do use RustOleum dark grey automotive sandable primer for the base of my yards, under the cinders.  However, I found that the Krylon paint from WalMart is different from the Krylon paint at Ace Hardware.  The Ace versions I like -- not so the WalMart versions (note they have different SKUs and variety names on either).

For $4.99 a can (12 oz) it is a hellova deal over the 4 oz Model Masters or 6 oz Scalecoat II, the latter at $9.95 a can.  I often have trouble getting that last oz of paint out of a can of Model Masters, too.

My favorite colors are the Krylon primers, which are dead flat.  Including black primer, oxide red primer (which is very near to Floquil oxide red), grey primer (a medium true grey), and white primer.  I have been using these on all the buildings I am constructing for my layout (with some Model Masters & SCII).

One other Krylon color I use a lot is their Metallics "Dull Aluminum".  Works great for any galvanized surface such as freight car roofs, corrugated siding and roofs on buildings, etc. (with appropriate weathering).

I do weather mainly by airbrush, so use a 10% mix of paint to lacquer thinner with various colors for weathering, such as grimy black (PRR), or Steve Hoxie's favorite, roof brown.

-- John

P.S.  I got back from Cocoa incubating one hell of a cold.  Been basically bed ridden for 5 days now.  Got to go pick up an Rx at WalMart this afternoon.  Anyone else catch anything?

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