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Gary Ray

Discussed before 5/22/16:


Several years ago I bought a tankless compressor from Michaels with a 50% off coupon - still was around $100 as I recall.  4 years ago I bought one of Harbor Freight's cheap compressors ($39 on sale) and it worked great (noisy but no more pulsating air supply plus it comes with all the gauges).  Unfortunately, both versions of their cheapest compressor seem to have a problem that the shaft from the motor seems to break and the motor takes off.  It is well documented in their reviews.  However, I was pleased enough with its performance that I bought another one on sale for $39.  At $10 a year, I got my money's worth for air-brushing.  It does have a factory guarantee for the first year.  Does not have enough volume for most other purposes other than filling tires - lightweight enough to carry to vehicle.  I use it for that rather than heavy professional wheelbarrow compressor that I use for nail guns, spray painting, etc.


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I've had one for about six years now and the only problem I had was having to replace the fittings which were diecast zamac.   Used it to install about 800 sf of 3/4" oak flooring besides having it available for hobby uses

In general have been very satisfied with all their products for the relatively light use I give them

Charlie Vlk

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Some of us have been talking about compressors, and I am not the only one to have bought a Harbor Freight compressor.  I got a flyer today saying that they are having a major sale on compressors.  I think I paid #80 for mine; it’s in the flyer for $49.99.




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