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I hated orders of magnitude. Even 10 times would not exactly be rare. Sending messages out between meetings at work allows little time for review and editing.


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Dave, you don't happen to teach math, do you?
Chuck Peck

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A little patience on eBay and you can find great compressors with tanks. I got a high end Iwata compressor (silent with tank, regulator, moisture trap, the Shark?) from an auto detailer who taught a class for ten on painting cars, and then sold the compressors he didn't need (which were paid for by tuition). I got a $400 compressor with less than 5 weeks' use for $120 including shipping. You may say this was a rare event. True. But eBay lists a million items and therefore "rare" 1 time in a hundred thousand events will occur 100 times!


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