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Hello Claus,

I spray Dullcote and Glosscote at the same mixture rations, but can not answer your question as I mix what I need to spray at the time of application. The stock before thinning is stored in its original bottles. Mixture bottles when the job is done are washed and cleaned to be ready for another use. 

Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

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Hi Steve,
Have you found that the Dullcote mixed with lacquer thinner as you stated is stable over the course of a year ot two?
At one time I did this with Floquil paints, and my experience was that the paint would solidify in the bottle in a few weeks time, basically laying waste to an entire bottle of paint.
Claus Schlund
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I do mine 50/50 with lacquer thinner. I have three bottles already mixed 50/50 at my spray booth: one of glosscote, one of dullcote, and one of 50% dullcote 50% glosscote.



J. Stephen Sandifer


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I would like to airbrush Dullcote from the glass bottle. How much 
thinner should I add?
Peter Aue

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