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I had a similar experience to Jim's. I went to the local Lowes, which had been mentioned as a source for Rustoleum Dead Flat. No Dead Flat. The nice lady who offered to help me searched the Lowes web sites, and found no Dead Flat. She then searched the Rustoleum web site and found the product. She even showed me where on the shelf it would likely live. Despite having a HUGE selection of Rustoleum products, my Lowes does not yet have the Dead Flat. I'm sure it is coming, but it ain't here yet. Next time I'm over in the Shenandoah Valley I will drop in to the Home Depot and see if I can score a can.

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Garth Groff

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Now after all these 18000 messages, about flat or not flat, or totally flat, l went down to the local HD yesterday---about 800 Rust colors, but no 'dead flat", nada, lots of Matte, etc.I was terribly disapointed1
I normally use either dullcote, or slightly more preferentially, the
ModeMaster flat. It all dulls, and truth be told, is there  a big difference? Aside from that , just don't like to get the airbrush out---!
Jim Balberg
Paoli, Pa! 

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