Re: Branchline 40' Postwar AAR box cars

Schuyler Larrabee

I don’t think so, Bill. Try your own link. It goes to the table on the Steam Freight Cars Site, just as you said. But if you look at that table, neither ERIE, Buffalo Creek nor PRR are listed, the roads Todd listed. I think Todd may have the right interpretation, the models he has with those road names may represent railroad-built editions of the same cars, whereas Ed’s list is for cars meeting that description that were built by commercial car builders. For example, as Todd mentioned, the ERIE cars were built in the road’s shops, and that probably also applies to the BC cars, as ERIE owned 50% of the BC.

You provided that link in relation to the cars in the subject line.


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Hold on there, you guys are talking about a different group of cars than I sent the link for. You need to go the the Steam Era Freight Car site and look at the other tables for post war steel cars. Do your homework boys!

Bill Welch

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