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J. Stephen Sandifer


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The Lomita railroad museum has a single sheathed box car identifed as "built for Union Pacific, numbered 51406, to US Naval Weapons station, Seal Beach, to Lomita Railroad Museum."


The car seems to be consistent with a Common Standard B-50-8, which was ordered by Southern Pacific and GH&SA in 1913.  The Union Pacific and Southern Pacific were part of Harriman’s lines, which were forced to dissassociate in 1913.  The B-50-8 was designed by SP staff prior to the break up, with orders placed in spring 1913, before the break up.  It is possible that this is a car ordered for the Union Pacific or one of its associated lines before the disassociation.


A review of the 1917 Railway Equipment Register does not show any UP or associated line, or LA&SL (listed separately) box car numbered 51406.  UP is known to have renumbered its freight cars in 1917.  I assume that LA&SL cars were renumbered when that line was merged into the UP.


If it is a B-50-8, it is somewhat unique in that it retains its composite ends.


The car is being deassetioned by Lomita.  We would like to add it to the collection of the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City but our process requires an accurate history.   An SP car would be withing our collection goals, but a UP car would be golden... Any thoughts on its history are welcome.


Randy Hees

Director, Nevada State Railroad Museum, Boulder City


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